The great places in Cologne

Good afternoon

I'll show you great places in Cologne.


Cable car

Short description : The Cable car is Colognes safes transport.This is most attractive and you can view the city with der bird eye.


Location : The Cable car is near the Cologne Zoo you can go by bus or train with the line 140 (bus) and the line 18 (train).


Opening times : The Cable car is opening from the 16 March until 4 November daily 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

Phone : 0221/547-4148 it's daily opening from 10 a.m to 18 p.m.


Price :                 single Tickets                                  return Tickets

adults                                       4,50 €                                             6,50 €

children                                    2,50 €                                             3,70 €                                 ( 4-12)


                                                            Groupes from (4 Person)

adults                                      4,00 €                                             5,50 €

children                                   2,10 €                                             3,20 €                                   (4-12)


Activities you can do there : You can relaxing view of Cologne as you cross unhurriedly from one Bank to the other. And take of the Cable car and then wander around the Zoo or walk trough the Rhine Park.Enjoy a romantic sunset for two up in the Air or shoot your own star quality photos of the famous skyline.


Reason why it is interesting : The reason why it is interesting is because you can view Cologne from the bird-eye of the city.


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larissa and elanur (26.3.14 15:49)
hey abel, we think you made thet really good. it also has good information too. we would try to drive with the cabel car. bye bye

2GUY (26.3.14 15:50)
it looks very nice and your post ist full of information, very good

igor (26.3.14 15:52)
good make , Abel
Keep it out yeaii

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