Cologne Cathedrale

 Cologne Cathedrale
Hello World Cologne Cathedrale is considered one of the greatest churchs in Christendom . Their claim to fame , however , less it size , than the pure Style High Gotic archicture , This is famoust and popular tourist place
The Cologne Cathedrale is in the near to central staion and the city passange . In the near is the Rhein , too . 

 Cologne Cathedrale Map
The Cologne Cathedrale is open all time  .
Monday to Sundays . You have Free entrace !!!
The Activities in the Cologne Cathedrale :
You can Pray for the health , Love , Money and other dings contribute for the search and you see the wounderful and beautiful chruch in Cologne !!
Now you can go to the Cathedrale , yeaii ! emotion
Igor Ristic &
Kata Stettinger 

5.3.14 15:46


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larissa and elanur (26.3.14 15:53)
you made that good but we think there are too many foreign words. this word we couldn´t understand because our english isn´t so good like yours. <3

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